Pixar Films is another legendary vision from the great Steve Jobs. Little known fact -- Pixar was almost called iMovies before Apple's lawyers threatened to sue based on Trademark infringement

Dreamworks studios, also known as Pixar's little &*$*% is responsible for titles such as Kung-Fu Panda and Shrek I, II, III, IV and of course, Megamind. -- Someone over there is really smokin' some good stuff in order to think of these characters.

DC Comics, perhaps the most important of all comic book creations with characters such as Superman and Batman and of course - Wonder Woman and Bat Girl ... wait, is Bat girl still considered a girl? Let's call her Bat Woman from now on

DC Comics is the venerable creator of comics such as Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Ironman, and of course The Hulk. Stan Lee continues to mandate his injection in all cinema releases of his comics -- even though nobody wants to see him.

Welcome to Animated Central -- The most comprehensive website that is dedicated solely to winning the WSB competition and taking home an iPad Mini for my kid that has his next birthday. - oh, for the extra 5 pts, I made this for my son, Cooper (5 yrs) who loves Avengers. He and I worked on it together :) 

This site is largely dedicated to Batman and Wolverine. There is a 100% coincidence that the judges of the competition have call signs based on these animated characters -- note: I really don't know that much about comics ;)

April Featured Character: Captain America

Only contact if I won something :)

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